Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug

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When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Get your Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug and be as untamed as the wolf of the North inside you.

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Heat Activated

Pour in hot liquid and watch this Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug reveal the emblem of the oldest house in Westeros with their undying words “Winter Is Coming”. In order to activate the mug the temperature of the hot liquid should be over 70°C/158°F. At that temperature the color of the mug will change to reveal the images.

11oz With Full Wrap Artwork

This Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug has full wrap around artwork. Though it’s heat activate, this mug is not microwave and dishwasher safe, so hand wash only. Placing mug in dishwasher or microwave could ruin the art as for all heat changing mugs. Also we do not recommend leaving mug in soaking water as it could also damage artwork.

High Quality

Made of high quality ceramic with cool design, the Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug will not only bring a smile to your day when you wake up in the morning but also gives you the forbearance to face your very own winter and rise above it.

Foam Packaging

The Game Of Thrones Mug will come with top quality box with foam and bag protection to guarantee zero damage to the mug. Perfect for giving as a gift or to ensure protection for your own order.

For The Fans

For the Game Of Thrones fan, or anyone looking for a handy place to put their warm beverages in. This Winter Is Coming Heat Changing Mug is great for coffee, milk, tea and hot chocolate while sharing these nerd trivia with your friends and family

Nerd Trivia

  • “Winter is Coming” are the words of House Stark of Winterfell
  • One of the Great Houses of Westeros, House Stark is believed to be one of the Oldest houses with the blood of the first men running through their veins
  • Before the Targaryen Conquest, House Stark ruled over the region as Kings of The North
  • The North is the largest of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros


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