The Argonath Bookends

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Each of the two figures was shown wearing a crown and a helm, with a weapon in its right hand and its left hand raised in a gesture of defiance to the enemies of Gondor. Get your very own The Argonath Bookends and let the kings protect your tomes.

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  • The Argonath Bookends
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High Quality Workmanship

The Argonath Bookends is made of high quality resin and meticulously detailed to the likeness of the Pillars of the Kings that guarded the northern edge of Gondor.

Kings Height And Weight

The Argonath Bookends is approximately 14.5-15cm per, perfect for holding your books and weighing about 4.40lbs, making stable enough to keep your books together.

Foam Packaging

The Argonath Bookends will come with top quality box with foam and bag protection to guarantee zero damage to the statues. Perfect for giving as a gift or to ensure protection for your own order.

For The Fans

A must have for every Lord Of The Rings fan, especially of the films. The Argonath Bookends is a scaled replica of what was depicted on the Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Rings film. Not only that it will make your bookshelf look glorious, it is a guaranteed conversation starter. And to help you with that, here are some nerd trivia.

Nerd Trivia

  • The Argonath is also known as The Gate Of Kings or the Pillars Of The Kings
  • It was a landmark on the northern edge of Gondor
  • The novel and the film differ in their portrayal of the statues
  • In the novel, the pillars were carved in the likeness of Isildur and his brother Anárion both wielding an axe on the right with their left hand raised
  • The movie adaptation is quite different, the pillars were carved in the likeness of Isildur and his father Elindel and the statue of Elindel is holding Narsil instead of an axe
  • This is mainly because most, if not all, of the references regarding Anárion were removed from the film
  • The Argonath Bookends is a replica of what depicted on the Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Rings film with Isildur and Elindel.


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