Dragon Claw Goblet Replica

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The night is dark and full of terrors but the fire burns them all away. Get your very own Dragon Claw Goblet Replica coz watching Game Of Thrones can be stressful sometimes.

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High Quality Durable Material

The Dragon Claw Goblet Replica is made of high quality polyester resin for it’s base and high quality glass that has a graduated amber tinting with a capacity of 300-400ml of your favorite drink. 

Unique And Graceful Shape

The Dragon Claw Goblet Replica has an exquisite 3D dragon claw shape with elaborately artistic design perfect for any wine, beer, juice, coffee, water, tears of your enemy or whatever liquid you wish to consume.

Important Notes

Though the Dragon Claw Goblet Replica has a foreboding look, it is not dishwasher nor microwave safe. So for cleaning, resort to the old fashion way of hand wash the way people from the Dragonstone do.

The Dragon Claw Goblet Replica may compel you to drink more but there are more wonders to uncover in the World Of Ice And Fire so drink responsibly and stay with us!

For The Fans

A must have for Game Of Thrones fans. Especially of the HBO Series and of the Baratheons. The Dragon Claw Goblet Replica is made to resemble the goblets used by Maester Cressen and Lady Melisandre in the Chamber of the Painted Table at Dragonstone.

Nerd Trivia

  • The Dragon Claw Goblet was first seen in the first episode of the second season of Game Of The Thrones
  • It was in this scene that Maester Cressen tried to poison Red Woman, Lady Melisandre, but failed
  • Measter Cressen’s failure cost him his life and entered the ever expanding hall of Game Of Throne’s YOLOS (You Only Live One Season)


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